OpenMB is the fastest software for Miraclebox Premium based on OpenPLi.
No unnecessary graphics, no heavy plugins - just pure fast image!

Based on OpenPLi
Simple and user friendly

Based on OpenPLi

OpenMB is based on the popular OpenPLi software which gives you a fast experience and performance without unnecessary graphics and plugins.

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Light as a feather
Lightest image there is!

Light as a feather

OpenMB is the lightest image for your Miraclebox Premium. By "light" we mean a straight, simple and user friendly image with no extra "stuff" - just a pure image.

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Preinstalled CAM's
The softcams are preinstalled!

Preinstalled SoftCAM's

Both mgcamd and CCcam are preinstalled in all OpenMB images. If you want another one you can easily download it through the menu.

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Open Source
It's all open

Open Source

OpenMB is the first open source software for Miraclebox Premium. Download the latest core and create your very own image.

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